adjective worksheets first grade

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What are some creative ways i can teach adjectives to a set of grade 3 students in a concise manner?
by just getting striaght to the point without delay, only 25 mins.Esl worksheet help! describing a picture worksheet?
i need a picture for my speaking class where in my student can describe and say a lot of actions and adjectives about it. It could be in a park or farm with a lot of people doing different things. something like that.. if you know a site/link where i can see some worksheet like that,please do send it to me. thanks guys!Avocados as an adjective?
In my seventh grade curriculum a while back, I remember best one line from a questions worksheet, something along the lines of " using an adjective like "avocados" would be inappropriate." I have just recently located which includes the following "EXAMPLE: '________ is the capital of California' would be filled in with a proper noun; using an adjective like 'avocados' shows that you did not read the statement clearly." My question is this; what do they mean? Avocados is a noun, what do they mean by "an adjective like 'avocados' "?How do I make a really good worksheet?
I teach English to elementary school students in Japan, and sometimes I need to schedule quieter classes that don't tax my voice so much. I want to make some worksheets on various themes, such as sports, or pets, or etc. But, what I need to know is, what makes a worksheet really good? Are there any techniques I should know? I would appreciate links to "how to make a good worksheet" kind of sites. BTW, these are EFL worksheets -- most of the kids have extremely low levels, and I can't count on any class being able to actually read. So, pre-literate ideas would be extra-useful. Esp. if they could capture the interest of a 12-year-old. Other ideas for teaching without using one's voice would also be useful. (-: Packed a lot in there, didn't I? Sorry. Looking forward to your answers, though.Participle Question!?
Recently, I've been doing worksheets on participles, gerunds and infinitives, for my own benefit(not for a class). (Actually, I've only done one so far). I'm in the 10th grade atm, but I've realized how much I haven't paid attention in my middle school years lol. So the question is : Where does the Participial phrase start and end in this sentence: We raked all the leaves fallen from the trees during autumn. Another question: What exactly is the participle in this one? It seems all the examples are the easy ones! Also, I'm having troubles recognizing what exactly the participle is describing. Help!.

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