bible study worksheets for kids

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A couple homeschool questions?
Hi I have had a few questions and I was just gonna go ahead and ask, -- If I am starting school August 24, and I NEED to plan and schedule to stay organized, when should I begin planning? --Do you now of any websites that offer free worksheets for middle school aged kids? -- When you home school do you play any sorts of games, not just like scrabble and stuff, but can you find any online? -- How do you motivate your kids -- How to make the most of very little home school space? -- Do you do a bible study class? If so do you have any helpful websites? Or projects? -- How to organize a Field trip? -- I may have already asked this above (I forgot) but do you have any websites to use, or writing, reading, history, math or chorus songs? -- Do you have any good projects, or anything like that, you can tell me about, that would appeal or educate (hopefully both) a 7th grade girl? -- WHat is a good 7-9th grade reading lit? -- What sort of Field trips do you recomend? -- Projects to do for Peer mediation, counciling and saftetey class for 7th grade? -- Is 4H free to join? -- what kinds of music could we listen to? MAN I had a lot of questions!! I am so sorry, I didn't want to waste that many points, so it would just be helpfull to answer what ever you can!! Thank you so much for even just skimming this! God Bless, --LaurenDo you have any ideas for science and social studies curriculum for pre-k and k?
I'm hoping to find printables and good websites with free worksheets, coloring pages, etc. dealing with science and social studies. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to teach these topics and what I should start with? My children are 4 and 6 and my 6 y.o. is more like kindergarten/first grade. Any help would be appreciated. I've been looking it up for awhile now. I'm hoping someone has personal experience with a website or something I'm missing.What does my child have to do for first holy communion?
is going to confession also reqiuredHow much homework does your first grader have? too much or just enough?
There are days that i think she is loaded down with school work. She always has two math sheets front and back and also one spelling sheet daily. Plus any other work that she didnt complete in school. I know shes not the best at time management but sometimes this takes an hour. IS that all across the nation?? (by the way i am not at all opposed to this amount i love that kids are pushed to accel faster than we did as children..but is it too much)Can i have names for kids sunday school classes?
because there different ages, there split up into different classes like school, so these classes need names. something along the lines of rapturers, or agape, or something please,thank.

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