bill of rights worksheets for kids

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Politics: Why in our Federalized govt run schools Are kids being taught to destroy the Bill of Rights?
Worksheet asks children to remove parts of the Bill of Rights Special Transforming America’s Schools into Authoritarian Instruments of Compliance. FACT FYI: i'm LIBERTARAIAN, never liked bush/Obama/Romney/or any NWO Globalist puppet. FACT USA! USA! USA!PLZ PLZ help World cultures questions!?
ok well i have A LOt of questions i need to do befor tomorrow and i can do anything till its done cause my grandma is a Control freak so PLZ help me you dont have to answer them all, but it would be nice! Ill try to make them organized for you! Where does North America end and South America end? Most of the U.S. is located between what two latitude lines What bodies of water surround the U.S.? Where is Hawaii located? What river runs along the Mexico U.S. border? What did the Naturalization Act of 1870 do? What is a democracy, what is a Republic? When did blacks gain the right to vote? When were woman given the right to vote? When did the constitution go into effect? When did the colonies begin to bring slaves into the U.S.? When did the Bill Of rights go into effect? What is a Raw minerial? What are the U.S.'s values? What are the branches of government? Who is Canada's head of state? In Canada who supports the arts? What are culture regions? What is a governor general? Who selects them? PLZ help me I would do them by myself but I already have to do a report and two math worksheets, and im just a kid so i need help with these questions! I know there are a lot of smart people who are going to say its your homework so do it youself, but your smart so why wont you help a kid out, you probably have been in this situation befor so THANKYOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!Can i claim my 2 kids and file single on taxes and when can i file?
SOOOO me and the 'ex hubby to be' have been seperated to divorce over a year now..he told me i had to file joint last year and he of course claimed our two kids AND TO TOP OFF didnt give me my share of the $ (we hadnt been living together for over 10 months when he filed). anyways I want to know -can i file my own taxes -can i claim the two kids he and i have that have lived with me from day 1 ( the jack off lives in the same state now (military) and STILL doesnt see the kids..hey at least he pays a little child support tho right) -when can i file -and if i only worked dec 09- feb 10 .and i have 3 kids will i get a good return?? i so dont know how this works but need to get it down.. what web sites can i look at to show me laws on claiming my two from him.. I just dont think its right for him to pay a little chunk of change and visit/call whenever he wants and then claim them on taxes and get $ that he will most likely piss off! i have medical bills that started from my first pregnancy and of course ive been getting on my feet and would actually like to do something for my kids with the $ that they DESERRVE..i think it should go to them right?? its only fair,we wouldnt get that dinero if it wasnt for them i can keep going let me know if you kno something! thanks . and please keep your silly comments to yourself..i want serious answers only please!What is the theme for the short story: Ransom of Red Chief?
I'm in 8th grade honors english and on friday we read Ransom of Red Chief in class(not the really long story), and my teacher gave us this worksheet to finish.. and anyways this is what i have so far: Characters: narrator(Sam), Bill, Red Chief, & Ebenezer Dorset. Setting: Summit, Alabama Point of View: 1st Person Plot: Kidnapping the rich man's son, Red Chief in order to steel $2,000 from Ebenezer Doreset(the prominent citizen) Conflict:(not sure yet) Theme: Know who you are dealing with before you take them(i'm not sure if that is correct i just guessed) Mood:(i dont know[mood is the afterward feeling of the story.. for example.. after i read it i feel as if the story was sad..]) Contributing actions or words: (i dont know [this is the words or actions that contribute to the mood of the story]) Foreshadowing: "Throwing rocks are kittens"(that's all i have so far) Allusion: (i don't even know what this means..) can someone please help me complete this or tell me anything i don't know.. thanks!!!:) * sorry i meant "throwing rocks AT kittens" ooh thanks that helped!:)Anyone can go to college if they want?
Is this true or is it a myth? I went to college, but for several reasons had to stop now I want to go back .but I have no money saved up and a student loan, which I have not paid on and I keep getting the bill .actually it may even be in collections .I am also white, no kids, and have always held a job .so I don't think I could get a grant or anything. I want to go back so bad and get my degree but it just seems too out of reach for a person like me. Am I right.

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