character education worksheets middle school

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Do schools still teach "you'll never win if you don't try" to kids?
This is what I was taught by my teachers in elementary school. I believe that the worst thing that can happen to an individual's life is for them to give up before even trying. One should always follow their dreams and believe in them because that is how dreams manifest themselves. Every invention began as a thought that was encouraged through determination. I'm just curious about how the new generation is being taught nowadays. If the education system has changed significantly or not. Thanks in advanceTeachers how do I answer " Tell me about Your experience working with children?"?
Please give me some tips on some responsesIs your child going to kindergarten?
If you live in the US and would like to know what your child needs to know before entering kindergarten, please tell me and I will write it below. • able to sit still for up to 10 mins • knows not to hit, spit, yell back at teacher, or grab others belongings • learning to share • learning to use child scissors • able to count up to 10 objects • knows basic shapes • able to recognize the #s 1-10 • knows basic colors • can order things from smallest to biggest • knows basic opposites • able to hold fat crayons or pencils • has gross motor skills (climbing, dancing) • knows some basic signs (ex: stop sign) • knows nursery rhymes (any culture) • able to sing the ABCs • can point to as many letters as possible • able to spell and write name • able to write as many letters as possible • able to draw a stick figure w/ head, arms, legs, and body • able to follow simple directions • able to make up a story looking at a picture read to them 20 mins a day- get FREE books at library or Berenstein Bear books for $3 • when reading ask “what will happen next?” and “who is the main character?” • tell them oral folktales (or make up stories) • go on walks and ask them to look for things (ex: a large dog, a baby, a tree) • ask them the color of: their eyes, their shoes, their coat, the grass, the sky, etc. •buy blocks and have them sort by colors, shapes, and size •buy crayons (10 cents) and have them write and draw •look for shapes in the real world (ex: billboard= rectangle) •write words and letters and have them trace (their name, cat, car, dog; easy words) • watch Sesame Street together • limit tv to 1 hour a day • limit junk food, soda, and fast food •ages 3-10 need 10 hours of sleep a night •enforce basic manners (please, thank you, excuse me, can I help you?) •have them set the table counting # of plates, forks, cups, etc. Let them know mistakes are learning opportunities • create shapes and have them cut them out • PLAY, PLAY, PLAY esp. with other children • sing and dance together, esp. ABCs • act out opposites (ex: wet hands/dry hands, up (jump)/down (crouch)) • have them help cook • play Simon Signs (following directions) Reasons Why You Need to Prepare *Long gone are the days when children learned ABCs and 123s in kindergarten *So children in poverty/working class can enter school at the same level as middle/upper class children *Unprepared children are often quickly mislabeled and placed into special education- especially boys *Children placed in special education REMAIN in special education no matter how hard you try- they are kept in low track classes w/ more worksheets and more inadequate teachers Child can be placed on Ritalin- a very dangerous drug *Being unprepared makes a child easily frustrated leading to behavioral and academic problems, and low self esteem *Being prepared for kindergarten can literally be the difference between college and dropping out of high school *Sometimes a teacher (of any ethnicity) does not understand your child’s culture. If this occurs, invite teacher to a cultural event or ask her to have some multicultural books in the classroom.How can I convince my mom to homeschool me?
ever since I got to high school I've been trying to be home schooled like I previously was in middle school. My mother made me go to public school because I would be home alone if I didn't go. I'm an independent worker and I get a lot of work done. I hate public school more than anything that as ever happened in my life. If I can't get my mom to homeschool my I might consider suicide.

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