compound words worksheets 4th grade

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Compound word of action, work, lesson?
Chemistry Questions! Please Help?!?
here are the words in the word bank I didn't use so far: combustion, chemical formula, decomposition, dissociation, formula unit, molecule, monoprotic, Neutralization, precipitate, reaction, synthesis here are the questions I need to answer: 1) A compound composed of a metal ion and most negative ions___________ 2) A reaction in which oxygen is always a reactant.____________ 3) The abbreviation for a compound is its_______________ 4) When heat or electricity is added to a compound, smaller substances form in this typer of reaction._____________ 5) The smallest particle of a covalently bonded compound which has all the properties of this compound is a __________________ 6) A salt which is slightly soluble in water is a__________ please help! I need to pass the quarter and this worksheet is a big chunk of my grade. it would mean alot! and these are due tomorrow I try so hard in school, but my grades are bad?
I'm in highschool right now (9th grade) and it's so hard. I have honors classes and 3 other classes (1 elective, 1 computer class and phys ed.) I have A's in those 3 other classes, but in my honors classes, not so much. I spend hours every night doing homework. I wake up at 5 AM get to school at 6:55 (when the warning bell rings because my sister wants to go at the latest time possible. My mom won't leave her when I'm ready to go 25 minutes earlier) I get home at 1:40. Once I get home, I do homework. I don't get finished until 9 or later because of the homework. Once it's 9, i have to get ready for bed because my parents don't want me to become a sleep-deprived kid. I also get homework during weekends so my weekends are busy. I can't hang with my friends because of homework. I have geometry honors and the teacher goes to hard on us and doesn't explain well. When I try to ask to explain it again, he just says "I JUST DID *insert action here* AND THEN YOU *insert action here*" without explaining NEW MATERIAL in DETAIL. I seriously have to find out myself and during the test the concept of the problem just comes to me, but I do bad on the test. He gives out these test review sheets to do before the day of the test. I understand the test review fully, but the test is nothing like the review. So, he doesn't even explain it in depth, he just wants to get through the day. In English, I have to annotate this book. About 3-4 chapters a week. I need at least 20 annotations in each chapter and in order to get an A, i need more than 30. It may seem not bad, but I spend 3-5 hours just doing it. FOR JUST 3-4 CHAPTERS. So I do it, correctly, and it appears to my teacher that i didnt do it correctly so she gives me a C or B on the chapters assigned. Also, once a week I get an assignment where I have to find the definition of 6 words, find synonyms, make a complex or compound sentence, and make two more sentences on who on earth would use this word. It's not elementary words like "solid, transparent, or infer" Its words like: incorrigible, astute, aloof, magnanimous. Also, any unfinished classwork is homework. Usually that is the case because the class is hard-headed. In Biology, I get A's on the test. It's easy. I don't even have to study. I do the homework. Takes me 10 minutes because the answers are in the text provided on the worksheet. I have a B in the class. (WTF???) Does life hate me? Am I doing something wrong? Why are my teen years so hard?What is your daily schedule for teaching reading in 2nd grade?
Do you do one story each week. What activities do you do to intro the story, during reading group and to follow up after the story.

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