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Future tense
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Open Question: Dictionary Form Verb Desu or -Masu?
So, I've heard people in Japanese take Dictionary-form verbs and add Desu, such as "日本語を分かるんですか?" I don't really know if this is correct, but when I was taking Japanese classes in Taiwan (Which I didn't understand much, since my Mandarin and Taiwanese weren't really good either), my Japanese teacher would use words like that in a sentence, and I'd see them in worksheets and textbooks. Alternatively, there is the -Masu form, which should be familiar to everyone speaking Japanese, beginners or native, such as "日本語を分かりますか?" I dun'no, I just noticed it. I could be my imagination and I could look like a complete Weeaboo, but I couldn't find any answers online. Anyone fluent or native to Japanese that can solve this? Thanks!Could anyone correct my Japanese worksheets?
It's my homework, but my teacher doesn't collect homework.. what she does is ask random people to answer questions in front of the class from these worksheets thats how she checked if we did our homework or not but she doesn't correct anything. I just want to know if everything I wrote is correct or not.. if not, could anyone tell me what I did wrong? I'm have a problem understanding ~to omoimasu while using a verb, I'm not sure if I should use dictionary form ~to omoimasu or te form to omoimasu. For example: "I don't think Saeko drinks sake" I wrote it like this "Saeko san wa okake wo nomu to omoimasu." I used dictionary form but I'm not sure if its correct or not. I'm ok when its adjectives or nouns.. NA adjectives and nouns we add "Da to omoimasu" and i adjectives we just add "to omoimasu" I'm not sure if I'm suppose to drop a i from the i adjective or not. For example: I think that book is expensive "kono hon wa takai to omoimasu" or "kono hon wa taka to omoimasu" I'm quite sure which one is correct. but I wrote most of my answers without changing the i adjectives. I also don't know much about ~nai de kudasai with reason. I'm not sure if its like something something ~nai de kudasai, something DESU KARA. or different.. ThanksPLEASE HELP ME COMPLETE THIS SPANISH WORKSHEET..?
PLEASE HELP ME COMPLETE THIS SPANISH WORKSHEET..? Ser Worksheet 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb ser. 1) Yo______________de Miami. 2) El libro_____viejo. 3) Los alumnos__________venezolanos. 4) Tu________mecanico,no? 5) Nosotras______morenas. 6) Mi padre____muy alto. 7) Las blusas[blouses]______bonitas. 8) Mis amigos y yo_________estudiantes serious. 9) Yo no_______de aqui. 10) De donde_________tu? 11) ________la una. Ya es hora de salir.[It's time to leave.] 12) Tu___________muy comico. 13) Los papeles[papers]____de los estudiantes. 14) Yo______una persona inteligente. 15) Nosotras_____muy buenas amigas. 16) Que dis________hoy? 17) Yo_______profesor. 18) _________tu un alumno perezoso? 19) Mi familia y yo_____de Chile. 20) Cuales_______los dias da la semana?PLEASE HELP ME COMPLETE THIS SPANISH WORKSHEET..?
PLEASE HELP ME COMPLETE THIS SPANISH WORKSHEET..? Ser Worksheet 2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb ser. 1) La clase de espanol no________dificil. 2) Uds________de Arkansas. 3) Yo_________comico. 4) Julio y yo_____fantasticos. 5) ____________David gordo o flaco? 6) Rosalia__________de Arizona,no? 7) Nosotros_________alumnos. 8) ___________tu gracioso o serio? 9) Ud__________medico,no? 10) Yo________americano. 11) Tu___________una persona hoesta. 12) Diego y Ud_________de Nuevo Mexico,verdad? 13) Las senoras__________profesoras. 14) Quien_______tu? 15) Quien______la chica rubia. 16) Quienes_________los muchachos altos.PLEASE HELP ME COMPLETE THIS SPANISH WORKSHEET..?
PLEASE HELP ME COMPLETE THIS SPANISH WORKSHEET..? Ser Worksheet 1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb ser. 1) Yo no__________feo. 2) Tu________de Los Angeles,no? 3) Barbara______rubia. 4) Nosotros_________alumnos buenos. 5) Los estudiantes________venezolanos. 6) Tu y Adela_____________inteligentes. 7) El chico___________muy alto. 8) Ana Maria y yo___________amigas. 9) Elena y Gloria___________bonitas. 10) _____________Ud argentino o chileno? 11) Yo____________de Arkansas. 12) De donde_____________tu? 13) Felipe y yo_____________de la Republica Dominicana. 14) Santiago________muy comico. 15) Usted__________muy simpatico. 16) Yo____________una persona inteligente. 17) Los chicos_________ateticos. 18) Que dia________hoy? 19)_________Uds cubanos? 20) Yo__________profesor. 21) Quien_________tu? 22) Cual___________la fecha? 23) Ustedes______muy generosos.

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