distance time graph worksheet

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Explain a distance/acceleration/graph problem?
This worksheet is a graphed line. On the graph the x-axis represents hours and the y-axis represents miles per hour. A straight line starts at zero and goes upward with a slope of 20/3 and ends at the coordinate (6, 40), that is 6 hours and 40 m.p.h. The question asks how far did this car go? Seems so simple I would really love if someone could explain it to me Velocity- Time Graphs?
Can someone help me please? Idc if you use word paint or whatever, just please. I'm desperate. http://www.menihek.ca/Teacher%20Pages/Paula%20Kelly.htm#Physics2204 Scroll down to Sunday, September 16, 2011 and instantly you'll see Worksheet 4: Velocity-Time Graphs for Uniform MotionOpen Question: How to calculate the acceleration of a system using only two masses, distance in the y direction, time and time squared?
I've already calculated my experimental acceleration using the slope of my distance vs times squared graph, but my worksheet asks for the acceleration to be calculated by using's Newton's second law as well as calculating the percent error of my accelerationPhysics question -beginner?
I did almost all of this worksheet i just dont understand the last one: A ford is traveling at a speed of 15 m/s and is 60 meters ahead of a chevrolet traveling in the same direction at 20 m/s. a) graph the position vs. time of both the chevy and the ford on the same axes. write a mathematical equation of the motion of each car. b) using the mathematical equations, when will the chevy catch up to the ford? confirm your value using your graph. c) how far will the chevy travel before catching up to the ford? Please Explain! Thank you!Physics, help please?
Unit III: Worksheet 2a This time, while along a dark stretch of highway at 30 m/s, you see, at the fringes of your headlights, some roadkill on the highway. It takes you 0.5 s to react, then you apply the brakes and come to a stop 3.5 s later. (Assume the clock starts the instant you see the hazard). -They wanted me to make a motion map that represents the motion and I have done that correctly. It then asks me to determine how far the car traveled during the incident. If you could help me I would really appreciate it and if you need any additional info about the problem just ask and I'll add some more. Thank you!! Steve- One thing on my work is to create a v vs t graph and I did that correctly. I think you might be correct because you're using the right mathematical model for the problem. Thank you very much Steve!.

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