doctor worksheets printable

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I need help with my child's school work ?
My son seems to be lagging behind due to some slight disorders. But the doctor assures me that a little extra effort at home will really help him. I have some pointers and guidelines, so I know what I have to do. My problem is that I need pictures of animals, objects, insects for him to identify, re-arrange, match, etc. Can you tell me where I can get such pictures on the internet, either to download or print?This will sound really stupid but, I'm too embarrassed to ask anyone in real life ?
I can't tie my shoe laces I know it sounds really stupid, people have tried to teach me before but I just cannot do it. I'm almost 18 years old, I've sat for ages trying to teach myself, but it never goes right. I've tried watching video tutorials, but I just can't get my fingers to tie the knot properly. Any suggestions? Is it possible there could be something wrong with my co ordination, because no matter how hard I try I just CANNOT do it. I also can't write properly if that helps even thought I know exactly what the letters look like, I just can't hold a pen and make it move how I want it to. Its just getting really embarrassing, I'm sick of having to tuck my laces into my shoes :/ Fine motor control Difficulties with fine motor co-ordination lead to problems with handwriting, which may be due to either ideational or ideo-motor difficulties. Problems associated with this area may include: * Learning basic movement patterns. * Developing a desired writing speed. * The acquisition of graphemes – e.g. the letters of the Latin alphabet, as well as numbers. * Establishing the correct pencil grip * Hand aching while writing Fine-motor problems can also cause difficulty with a wide variety of other tasks such as using a knife and fork, fastening buttons and shoelaces, cooking, brushing one's teeth, applying cosmetics, styling one's hair, opening jars and packets, locking and unlocking doors, shaving and doing housework I just read this on a link someone put in their answer. That is EXACTLY what I'm like. woah, there's something wrong with me thats exactly why I was afraid to ask someone I know :/Help me please?
Hi, my name is Mrs. Stjane, you see I just finished studying as a teacher at LU. I am also a part time doctor, and a moderator at kids help phone, you see i have 4 kids, and we are moving to the country, and the school would be a half an hour drive, and there are no buses that come near us and I am to busy in the morning, So i am teaching my kids at home, so, I need a website where I can print work sheets for free withought any downloading (at a 5th grade level) Thn.

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