free 2nd grade language arts worksheets

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Can anyone direct me to a good website where I can print worksheets for 1st and 2nd grade?
I'm looking for different and fun ways to help my 2 kids learn reading and math. It's not an easy job and I need all the help I can get. :0)School worksheets?
Iam helping a few kids working on there school subjects.Do you know any sites that gives you FREE printable worksheets for math science writing reading etc. Please list them here. The worksheets must be grade 2-4.What are some websites where I can print out worksheets for tutoring reading?
I'm tutoring students in grades 2 - 7 (some HS.) I need to find a website where I can print out worksheets for reading comprehension and language arts. I've been using, but have exhausted the materials there. The site doesn't have to be free, I don't mind paying. Thanks for any info!Kindergarten math program for home school
I will be home schooling my daughter this year for kindergarten. I am still undecided about a math program. I am thinking about Horizons Kindergarten Math Set. Here's a link Does anyone have any feedback on this program or could you recommend a program that has worked for you. Many Thanks!!Do I have to use a textbook for math? (Grade 3)?
I am new to homeschooling. This coming school year will be my first time. I bought a social studies book to follow, and I have a reading textbook and tons of books. I downloaded our states standards and plan on using free worksheets for language arts lessons such as grammar, vocab, punctuation etc. I also plan on making my own spelling lists (I have been researching effective 3rd grade spelling word families). My question is about math though. I have 2 math workbooks but not a textbook. I have the state's standards on what they need to learn but my question is can I just use a whiteboard and the workbooks and Internet as math tools or should I get an actual curriculum? We are trying to homeschool as cheaply (but effectively!) as possible. Thanks for any info/advice!.

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