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How to you homeschool your kids is you don't use workbooks/worksheets?
Just curious what others use besides the workbooks as I'm looking for alternate ideas to keep my kids interested. Is it okay to invoke the computer for say doing math/grammar work once in a while? Thanks.Do your 3rd grader have math ploblems like these?
24 divided by a = 40 divided by 5 They barely touched on multiplication and have worked on division slightly for on week, broke from normal studies to study for ISAT for 2 weeks and have now been working on division again for 2 weeks. They just started on this the second week in division. Are your schools doing it this way? Oh yes, we've touched on fractions as well. I think the problem is that they don't focus on one area before they move to the next. In the last 3 months or so they have learned multiplication, division, algebra, fractions, and geometry. It's just up and down and all around. Yesterday my daughter had a test on the algebra (problems like I posted) and the had only worked on it for one week. And I don't mean the whole week, I mean she came home with 3 of those problems on a worksheet with different types of math problems. That was it, and then they had a whole test on it. I mean really, come on!What types of things do you learn in math in 7th grade?
School starts in a month and I've had trouble with math before so I would like to get a jump start on what we are learning this year. Any math words I will be learning. Also links to sites that have practice games or quizzes would be great! Thanks, 10 points!Some word problems in math, help?
Hi, I received a worksheet in math class, I did most of it, but Ive always had trouble with word problems It has to do with types of functions and shapes of graphs, here they are: 1.A startup company uses the function P=1.3x^2+3x-7 to predict its profit or its loss during its first 7 years of operation. Describe the shape of the graph of the function. (I think its a parabola? Quadratic? Oh I dont know) 2.A parking lot charges 10$ to park for the first day or part of the day. After that, it charges an additional $8 per day or part of a day. Describe the Graph and find the cost of parking for 13/2 days. ( I think this one is an Inverse function? I dunno)Geometry/ trig worksheet help!?
My math teacher didn't explain the "angle of depression" very well, nd I don't understand how to do them. Can someone help me with it? Miss pauline is 20 feet tall when she is standing on her desk, and mr Gullen is sitting in a desk talking to her. If the angle of depression from miss pauline to mr gullen is 24 degrees, how far apart are they? bob the physco skater is going to jump from a 50 foot ledge and land EXACTLY 28.87 feet away. What is the angle of depression from the ledge to his landing spot? a serial killer is standing on a cliff that is 2000 ft tall. what is the distance from the bottom of the cliff to the victims if the angle of depression is 10 degrees. Any help would be nice. thank you.

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