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How do I make a really good worksheet?
I teach English to elementary school students in Japan, and sometimes I need to schedule quieter classes that don't tax my voice so much. I want to make some worksheets on various themes, such as sports, or pets, or etc. But, what I need to know is, what makes a worksheet really good? Are there any techniques I should know? I would appreciate links to "how to make a good worksheet" kind of sites. BTW, these are EFL worksheets -- most of the kids have extremely low levels, and I can't count on any class being able to actually read. So, pre-literate ideas would be extra-useful. Esp. if they could capture the interest of a 12-year-old. Other ideas for teaching without using one's voice would also be useful. (-: Packed a lot in there, didn't I? Sorry. Looking forward to your answers, though.Kinds of clauses worksheet?
A. Using each group of words below in two different sentences. First use it as an independent clause, adding another independent clause either before or after it, and using an appropriate coordinating conjunction. Second, add a subordinating conjunction to the word group and use it as a subordinate clause, joining it to a new independent clause. 1. Most groceries stock several cereal brands 2. This bread is inexpensive 3. I prefer seedless oranges 4. She usually buys frozen peas 5. This aisle offers hundreds of canned foods B. Beginning with the following sentence, add clauses as described in parentheses. At each step, add the new element to the preceding answer to make one sentence. Every store keeps many products in stock. 1. (add a conjunction and an independent clause) 2. (add a conjunction and a subordinate clause) 3. (add a conjunction and another clause, either independent or subordinate)Czech language practice worksheets anyone?
im trying to learn the czech language and was wondering if anyone knows websites that have printable worksheets to practice the language .im a beginer.Is this a complex sentence?
The sentence is, "The police officer was very concerned about the community s recalcitrant citizens who have been expressing more aggression and even violence toward law enforcement officials." It feels complex but I also feel like it may still just be simple. What kind of sentence have I constructed here? Thank you!Where can I find printout worksheets to help a first grader read and write better?
I really need help getting him to work on writing sentences and practicng his letters, but I also want to make it fun for him so he will want to practice. Any ideas.

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