learn to read music worksheets

How To Read Drum Music : Music Theory Academy, Music ...
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How can you learn to read music fast?
any web sites u recommend? i reallly REALLY need this. thanxs btw- dont say get a music teacher i KNOW thatHow do i learn to read music?
I really want to learn to read music. I am behind in my class for music because i cannot read. I'm not really in the state where i can afford music lessons. Are there any tutorials or worksheet online that i can get for free?! If so, please write the web address/paste the link onto your answers. Thanks ♥Why do people get so stressed out while learning to play the piano & reading music that they stop learning?
I am a pianist(beginner) and I hate myself because I keep saying to myself I will never become a professional pianist and I don't know a thing about reading music and I know that reading music is extremely difficult and very very hard,I want to be able to play any song that I want to,I feel like my brain is on vacation because it has no information about reading music or piano in it,how can I learn how to read music,does anyone know any youtube videos or sites where I can view and print worksheets that will help me learn new things?Who thinks I should start all over learning piano & how to read music?
I have printed out tons of worksheets from makingmusicfun.net that teach you things about the piano you didn't know before and the worksheets are GREAT for beginners(me) and make you memorize things,I seem to be stuck in my process of learning piano right now,I want to start over from the very beginning,I am a high school graduate and I have lots and LOTS of free time,I sit around the house and I need something to do anyway,so who thinks I should start over? My new favorite pianist Emily Bear. http://www.emilybear.com/index1.htmlI want to learn how to play bellas lulaby but i cant read music?
i want to learn how to play bellas lulaby but i cant read music and i cant find a web site that has a worksheet that like says the numbers or letters can u hel.

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