mathematics grade 6 worksheets

Imperialism - Rudyard Kiplingu0026#39;s u0026quot;The White Manu0026#39;s Burden ...
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I have to teach 5th, 6th and 7th grade students. They are weak in English and Mathematics ?
I need to know site from where i can download printable worksheets for my students. where i can get material e.g how to improve English Grammar, Creative Writing, Making Sentences exercise etc The same printable worksheets in Mathematics for all grades mentioned above.What grade do you do I 171-200 in kumon in math?
if you are an average kid which grade do you learn those work sheets in? 171-200 is phythagorean theorom10 points ???!!!!?
volumes and rectangular prisms: Jerry built a rectangular prism out of base-10 blocks. 1. first he used 25 cm cubes to make the base. he put 3 more layers of cubes on top of the first layer of cubes. what is the volume of the prism he built? _____cubic cm 2. next, he used 48 cm cubes to make another prism. he made it with 6 layersof cubes. what is the area of the base of the prism? _______square cm 3. for his next prism, he used 1 flat for the base. he put 3 more flats on top of the base? _______square cm what is the volume of the prism? _____ cubic cm 4. for his last prism, he used 4 longs and 12 cm cubes for the base. what is the area of the base? ______ square cm 5. he added 4 more layers of base-10 blocks on top of the base. what is the volume of the prism? ____cubic cm please help me figure this out, helping my son w/h-work.10 PTS. FOR FASTEST! THANX! DUE TOMORROW AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND! how embarrasing! this is 3rd grade, and no, i'm not smarter than a 5th grader! :( i copied the questions exactly word for word. i don't know if it's missing anything!I am failing math with only a few weeks left in the quarter. What can I do to raise my grade to at least a C?
I have a 47% right now in Algebra One, my problem is I can never remember the formulas for the questions and I always forget the steps to solve it. Math was really easy for me in elementary school but in 6th and 7th grade I've gotten B's and C's. I'm very afraid to tell my parents about this grade, they don't take disappointment very well and I can't ask them for help in classes because they get very impatient Also, my parents will go APE when they find out my grade for this class, even if I do have all A's in every other class, which I do, they tend to look at the negative stuff and think that the positives are just average. They also won't get me a tutor because they are too expensive and I'm afraid of getting made fun of if I ask my friends for help. My math teacher teaches by making us do examples of problems and then she'll give us the rest of the class time to do our homework. Also, she only grades one question on our homework, if we get that question wrong, then we don't get credit for the whole worksheet. She also gives us the answer sheet to our homework so she expects us to get all of the answers right. I've tried doing the questions over and over but keep on getting the same answer. Also, I can't seem to pay attention in class or study at home AT ALL! No I don't have AD HD, I just cant seem to study for this particular class. I've procrastinated and am at the edge of a cliff. Its not that I'm a bad student, I have all A's in every other class I'm just FAILING this one! Class evaluations are coming up in February and I have to have at least a C to qualify for the class I got tested into. (Which was Honors Algebra 2) I really dont want this one class to drag all my other grades down but I'm in a HUGE DITCH! Can someone please tell me what to do to raise my math grade for this quarter? Also, what would be some good study tips and how to get through this class overall. Also, if my next grade isn't up to par with what I had in mind, how can I break it to my parents without crushing them?Math activities for Elementary school students?
I am in school to become an elementary school teacher. As a part of my mathematics class, I am supposed to bring in five math activities. These activities are not a be a file of drill and practice worksheets as well as have no winners or losers. The activities are to be completed by children working together applying mathematics, usually with manipulatives. They can be for any grades k-6. Any ideas.

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