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Need help with Algebra With Pizzazz worksheet pg 116?
In the following multiplication problem, the letters A, B, C, and D represent four different digits. What digit should replace each letter A B C D ____x 4 D C B ALearning your Multiplication chart ..I need HELP !!!!?
Ok im 16 and i dont know my multiplication chart im so embarraseed at school and i just cant memberise it . So im asking can anyone give me good tips to memberise the chart? or they know any program maybe i could get ? .How did you learn? i want to be able to know it on the top of my head .What are some good math activities or games for homeschooled high school students?
I have the math books and worksheets, but I want to make math FUN for my two teenagers. Any ideas? Please, nothing lewd or offensive. Thanks! I think that I need to add a little more detail. What I currently do is try to find math activities that apply their skills to real life. They are actually 12 and 14, but are more advanced in their learning. They are still kids and they enjoy breaking up the lessons with something interesting. We have "drill races" and do "math baseball" but I am really looking for things that will make math real to them. Does that make sense? I want them to enter college with solid math skills under their belts. I took them out of public school because I was horrified at the education they were receiving (my son's math teacher actually told me "don't worry, we'll be past that section in a week." When I told him that my son did not understand multiple digit multiplication. He was ignoring the fact that my son was lacking in fundamental skills! Scary). I want them to learn, but I want it to be real to them. Oh, and I do not allow calculators. Not at this time anyway.My son is having math difficulties ?
I have a son who is having difficulty with long division. We use Math-U-See, and have followed the instructional video. Each day I sit with him and we go over the problems, and he does the rest on his own. The next day, he forgets. We go over the math problems again, and he does the rest on his own. This has been the process for a few weeks. For some reason, he is not understanding the concepts enough to remember how to do them. We have tried manipulatives, sitting together, etc. Each day he gets frustrated and overwhelmed. He has no problems understanding multiple digit multiplication, but when I try to help him see that division is just backward multiplying, and showing him what numbers connect where, he still gets frustrated. Should I just put it away for a time and try again later? Could it be that he is just not there, yet? Do you have any recommendations?MS Excel - Does anyone else has problems with incorrect rounding when calculating in Excel?
Quite often when I have a worksheet with calculations that only involve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of number of up to 2 decimals, quite simple calculations, I somehow end up having not a zero, but some tiny number like "-3.62376795237651E-13." My worksheet is quite simple and there should never be more than 4 decimals, and when I calculated it manually, there was no number like this. When I copy and paste value, somehow one of the numbers instead of being, for example, 37.4 is suddenly 37.3999999999999999999. It is impossible mathematically that this would be a result after just one multiplication. Has anyone else noticed this error? I am using Excel 2003 and it is up to date with all patches. Is Excel 2007 any better? I am afraid to switch to newer MS versions because they seem to be full of bugs for the first few years, plus this was a total revision. Please let me know your comments. Thank you. I do not mean problems with formatting, but when I have a formula of "1498.20 - 1460.80" and my result is 37.39999999999999, there is a rat in Excel. The first number is a sum and there is no multiplication and all numbers are only up to two digits. The second number was typed in as is. So how come I suddenly have a decimal with 14 spaces after decimal? I have seen this happen many times in Excel and believe this is some type of a bug because if I do these exact same calculations via calculator, there is no 14 places after decimal. Plus, this error appears randomly multiple times. I rechecked all numbers and there is no long decimals and no way for such a long decimal calculation to appear since this is a simple addition and subtraction. And maybe this is a minor error, but I hate it when I subtract to check for consistency at the end and have either (0.00) or 0.00 instead of just "-" meaning zero.

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