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Can you help me find some good education worksheets for my little brother?
My brother goes to preschool on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, then his daycare on Tuesdays, and is home with me and my mom on Thursdays. His daycare and preschool recommended we make or print educational worksheets and spend an hour or so helping him complete them. I'm looking for good alphabet worksheets that have them trace the letter, then give space for them to do write the letter without a guide line and/or shows pictures (That a typical 4 year old boy would know) beginning with the letter. I'm also looking for 0-20 number tracing worksheets, counting worksheets, and simple adding worksheets. And, fun worksheets like, coloring, cutting out with scissors, etc. Appreciate the help! (PS: Just in case u missed it: He's 4years old and is a typical sporty boy)I have prepared a unadjusted trial balance sheet on a worksheet and i can't get the dr & cr to balance. HELP?
Preschool Alphabet and number writing sheets with Progressive dots. Eg: Half Alphatet and full alphabets?
I already posted a question to get some tracing sheets with progressive tracing so the kid will be able to complete the alphabet. The replies came back for tracing worksheets which I find plenty in google. But I am not able to find any worksheets which has partial tracing in it. Eg: first line complete A with dots. Second line of the worksheet will be half A with dots so the child can trace the half and complete the rest on his own and third line with quater of the letter A. This is juts an example. Please help. I searched but could not find any. Again I am able to find many tracable alphabet sheets but I am looking for Partical or progressive tracing sheets for alphabets and numbersStarting from and ending with the heart, trace the blood flow through the human circularory system?
number the following in the correct order heart veins arterioles capillaries arteries venules number the following in the correct order heart veins arterioles capillaries arteries venules Gp_jenny .ive already looked in my book, it doesnt even mention this. my teacher just decided to be evil and give my class a worksheet to do over spring break that is way over our heads i also researched this online and could not find an answerBiology Worksheet! Please help me answer these questions!?
A species of fruit fly is thought to have diverged from another species less than a thousand years ago. study of which of the following would best clarify these fruit fly relationships? a. mitochondrial DNA b. the fossil record c. ribosomal RNA d. comparison of analogous structures e. radiometric dating Which of the following taxa is least closely related to the others? a. archaea b. plantae c. bacteria d. eukarya e. animalia According to the Figure, which are most closely related? a. raccoon and lesser panda b. giant panda and raccoon c. giant panda and lesser panda d. sloth bear and spectacled bear e. brown bear and sloth bear Which of the following correctly matches an event in the history of life with the corect geologial eon? a. first mammals - Archaean b. first animals - Proterozoic c. dominance of dinosaurs - Archaean d. origin of life - Proterozoic e. first life on land - Phanerozoic Systematics is concerned with a. naming organisms b. studying biological diversity c. taxonomy d. tracing phylogeny e. all of the above Evolutionary changes, such as the development of walking legs from fins, and the appearance of new groups of organisms, such as birds, are termed a. macroevolution b. adaptation c. hybridization d. microevolution e. paedomorphosis Individuals of different species living in the same area may be prevented from interbreeding by responding to different mating dances. This is called a. ecological isolation b. hybrid breakdown c. mechanical isolation d. temporal isolation e. behavioral isolation Drastic reductions in the number of body segments and pairs of leg may have been responsible for the evolution of the first insects from millipede-like ancestors. This example might illustrate a. species selection b. microevolution c. polyploidy d. hybrid breakdown e. changes in homeotic genes please help me!!!!.

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