ordering decimals worksheet

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Can someone explain to me this worksheet on Base 10?
Just the top part, the link is a pdf and is an everyday mathematics study link worksheet my son brought home today. I have no idea how this works because I didn't learn this way. Could you give me an answer to at least the first row so I know how it is worked? What is the symbol over the square in number 4? Please respond, I don't want to send him back with the wrong answers on my account, lol. Thanks. http://www.cantonma.org/myweb/mahanl/studylinks/SL4.7.pdf Matt: Sounds good to me! Thank you so much for your explanation. This new teaching curriculum has them doing things I have never seen before. They are not the straight forward methods of getting a product which is confusing the heck out of me and my child. I can see why California refused it more and more as the work/years progress.Repeating Decimals? (7th Grade Math)?
Are repeating decimals the bigger number, or the small number? I converted some fractions and got 0.8, 0.82, and a repeating 0.833 .. but how do I put it in order from least to greatest? Also, I have to compare 0.999 to 1.0 .. (I'm not sure if the 0.999 is a repeating decimal, and no it doesn't have the bar above it on my worksheet, but which is greater?10 points for someone who can help me with my Pre-cal worksheet. Please, I am really struggling.?
I have a lot of questions on here that I don't get, but any help at all will be appreciated. I really need a good grade in this class for when I start applying for colleges really soon, and this is one of my first grades. PLEASE help me if you can at all. Thanks so much. 1. State the domain and range if this peicewise function f(x)= {2x^3+5 if x2 x^2-4 if 0I am reteaching myself math in hopes of testing out of college classes. I have a fairly firm understand of Order of Operations and Fractions. After several worksheets of 100% scores I have run into a problem that's really confusing me. 0.4 X 11/6 x 2.75 x 5 1/4 I of course converted decimals to fractions (yeah technically the same). I think my problem lies in simplifying 0.4 and 11/6 by reducing 2/5 (numerator) and 11/6 (denominator) . When I dont do this I get the right answer but I would like to know why. Is it that the 11/6 is improper? Looks like I did everything right with the exception of forgetting to cross cancel the 21/4!I need to know the answers on this math worksheet?
write each percent as a fraction in simplest form 1. 30% 2. 42% 3. 18% 4. 35% 5. 100% 6. 29% 7. 56% 8. 70% 9. 25% write each percent as a decimal 10. 19% 11. 45% 12. 3% 13. 80% 14. 24% 15. 6% order the percents from least to greatest 16. 89%, 42%, 91%, 27% 17. 2%, 55%, 63%, 31% 18. sarah correctly answered 84% of the questions on her math test. what fraction of the test questions did she answer correctly? write your answer in simplest form. 19. chloe swam 40 laps in the pool, but this was only 50% of her total swimming workout. how many more laps does she still need to swim.

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