present tense worksheets for grade 2

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Someone Please Help Me With Italian (10 Points)?
I'm 15, Italian Honors, 10th grade. I don't get the congiuntivo imperfetto at all. What does it do? When do you use it? What do you look at when conjugating it? Hey, it's you again, thanks, that helped a lot. On my worksheet, I didn't get the following sentence: "Avevano paura che facesse freddo" Shouldn't it be facessero since it's avevano? Also, I don't get when to use senza or senza che. My teacher said senza che is when it's the same subject, and senza is when it's different subjects. So what do you look at in a sentence, like this one: "Vado in piscina ______ dire niente alla mamma" or "Mio fratello usa la mia macchina ______ lo sappia" Hmm, I thought you always look at the person saying it though. Over there it was loro avevano, so I made it loro facessero. Like if it was John compri i biglietti, you would look at John, and since it's in the lui form it's compri. Oh, I get it, but even though it doesn't say io, can't you just tell there are 2 subjects because of the mio fratello - brother, and mia - me? Oh, alright, I get it, is there a way to tell what the verb is talking about without having to translate the sentence? For the avevano facesse sentence. Ohh, thanks dude, I always get it when you explain it, lol.How to teach english to a spanish speaking mother Cx?
Well my mom is a very busy working mother. A year ago she was in some English classes at the community collage but the course ended and she couldn't go in it again because 1. She thought the price was ridiculous & 2. She had to work. So she's gonna pay me money to teach her English but idk how. I'm looking over her texts books that she bought for the course to help her and make worksheets. Any worksheets?? Well yea I'm going into 7th grade again -.- . So I don't know much. She tells me to work more towards the present past and future tense but I really wasn't the best in it at school. . .. Ideas? PLEASE HELP P.S No rosetta rose or things that cost money .How to prepare within 50 days for cbse xth board exam.? Give the best ans.& the best plan to get 90% & above .
toget 90% & above for a child with 82% at presnt.Plz help me in forming my time table?
my subjects are science math english hindi social i'm in 10 classWhat should i do to get first rank in my x board exams?

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