ratios proportions and percents worksheets

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Ratios and proportions word problem! help!?
Ok so i have two word problems i picked from a worksheet i need help from, i dont understand the whole worksheet but i thought is someone helps me on these to i can figure the rest out on my own. please help thank you! for his birthday party bill mixed together 2 gal. of brand A fruit punch and 4 gal. of brand B fruit punch. brand A contains 40% fruit juice and brand B contains 25% fruit juice. what percent of the mixture is fruit juice? and another one it a diesel train made a trip to the repair yards and back. on the trip there it traveled 32km/h and on the return trip it went 40km/h. How long did the trip there take if the return trip took 12 hours. PLEASE HELP, if you could explain in detail and not just give the answer that would be so helpful, im trying to get this stuff but its just hard for me. thankkssss please explain step by step thanksCan you take pre-algebra in high school?
Learn fractions?
I forgot fractions, where are some good websites that help you learn and practice (I know the basics) Also I need some webpage to help me review and study for my final pre- alg test (7 grade) thanks I need to practice(area and volume) perimeter, area, and surface are(still confused) irattional numbers, rationals, number theory, percent, ratio, porportion, algebra:linear equations and inequalities, algebra language: variable, expression, equationsHelp my 10 year old daughter needs help with her homework!?
My 10 year old daughter (5th grade) Does not know how to do her homework, and I don't also. Please help. Write 64% as a ratio in simplest form. Write 95% as a ratio in simplest form. Then you have to find the percents of these fractions. 7/70 34/70 22/70 2/70 5/70 Thx.Practice with arithmetic ?
does anybody know any GOOD websites i can go to to practice arithmetic? the test consists of whole number arithmetic, fraction arithmetic, decimal arithmetic, sustitution, percents, ratio & proportion, exponents & graphs im taking a placement test for community college tomorrow and want to practice some more.. the college gave mea practice worksheet but ive already done it. thanks (.

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