sentence worksheets for 2nd grade

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Where can I find free cartoon images to use on 2nd grade worksheets?
I am teaching a lesson on writing a 5 sentence paragraph using the colors of a traffic light as the beginning, middle, and end of the paragraph. I would like to create a worksheet, but I can't seem to find any pictures of a personified traffic light cartoon person. Any ideas? Thanks!I need a lesson plan for 2nd and 3rd grade for a paper?
for school! thanks!Need advice for tutoring son in handwriting in 2nd grade going into 3rd?
My son is in 2nd grade now and his hand writing is really bad. Where do i start in helping him with his handwriting? Are there any sites for suggestions for what words to start out with?Please help with a French worksheet!?
I have to make these worksheets for the grade sevens next year, but I don't know what the answers are. Please, help me. In these first senteces in each pair, ask how old the indicated people are. Then answer each question using the cue provided. 1) Chloe et Edouard, ils_____________? (17) Ils________________. 2) Tu________________?(19) J'_______________.My son left his homework at school. He is in the 6th grade and I am looking for printable worksheets.?
I am looking for Grammar worksheet GR64 The Dog Of Pompeii. I believe it is on compound sentences. I need it to be printable.

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