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Reading Comprehension Worksheet - Too Much Soda
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Kindergarten Sight word sentences?
I want to write a Little book for my son who is 6 and in kindergarten that he can read. I just need 20 sentences that include Sight words. But every sentence I come up with pretty much has the same words! LOL so maybe some fresh minds will help me out! I am also wanting to be able to take pictures of the sentences. A few examples: My Blue car can go fast.( with a picture of our car) My dad sat on the cat. My dog and cat like to sleep on the bed. so if you can help please give me some ideas! Thank you in advance! The whole point is to make one with pictures from his everyday life.. It makes it FUN, that is why I don't want to check one out from the Library. Is it true that first grade has lot more tough curriculum than kindergarten? Or in other words,?
is first grade two levels up than kindergarten? Note :my daughter is 4 1/2 and i am just curious what to expect. She isn't going to school now. But, may start kindergarten next year.What do you teach in kindergarten?
i am starting my first year teaching in september. i am pretty sure i will have a kindergarten class. i am just wondering what you start off teaching in kindergarten abc's, counting, seasons things like that? i just don't know where to start! please help! also, are there any good sites out there to get worksheets and lesson ideas? i will be teaching in a private school for ED children. there isn't really much of a curriculum to follow.Any good Free sites for homeschool kindergarten work to print??
Hello. I am really needing some help finding some free printable work for my son who is in kindergarten. We recently had a HUGE problem with our local public school. I won't get into the details, except to say that the school was seriously at fault. It was horrible. Rather than sit and wait for the problem to be resolved (waiting who knows how long for my son to go without any teaching or instruction) we decided to pull him out and try homeschooling for a while. I have signed up with one company and am waiting for them to send us some books and supplies, which should take a week or two. However, until our materials arrive, I need to find something for my son to work on. I would like to find some online sites that allow me to print (free) or have access to some worksheets and activities of some sort reading, writing, math, etc. If anyone knows of any sites or anything that could keep us busy for a few weeks, please let me know. Thanks!I would like help in finding some flash card words that would be right for a 5yr. old.?
I have a five yr.old and she is a quik learner and I would like some words to work with her on before she gose on to kindergarden.

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