suffixes worksheets 3rd grade

Inflectional Suffixes Worksheet
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Lesson plan for 3rd graders?
I have to do a lesson for thrid graders that is about 30 minutes long. I was wonedring if anybody has any lessons for prefixes ( un, re, dis ) or Compare and contrast. It has to be related to literacy. So those are the two topics i thought about doing, the teacher recommended some ideas which the students need work on. I really wanted to do something with prefixes. I wanted to do something on the overh ead then a game of some sort. ANY IDEAS???? Thank a bunchWhat is your daily schedule for teaching reading in 2nd grade?
Do you do one story each week. What activities do you do to intro the story, during reading group and to follow up after the story?How can I help a dyslexic kid read better?
One of my mom's friends recently asked me to tutor her 6th grade son in reading and math. After having two sessions with him, I think he might have some form of dyslexia. He's super smart but gets tripped up on a lot of words. Sometimes he switches words around and adds or subtracts words randomly. He also has trouble reading numbers higher than 100. I've tried to find worksheets or some kind of teaching method that might help him, but I'm at a loss. If anyone knows of any good websites or books it would be greatly appreciated.

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