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Can a hot spring burn you to death??
i have a worksheet and i need to kno if magma can rise and burn a bather in a hot spring ..please help!!!!!!!!!Free general science lessons/worksheets?
This is something I have been looking for about two months, none of the free homeschool sites I have looked at have it. Is there any sites with general science? Preferably in a textbook format with printable worksheets, or something close to that, not just a site that gives "fun fact" type of stuff. Not sure what grade, I am just wanting to go back to the general science stuff I took a while back, and review it a bit.. I guess it was maybe 7th, 8th grade?Does anyone know were i can get the math answer key to following worksheets.?
Im on spring break and i have several makeup worksheets to do which sucks really.The Worksheets are the following; Intergrated Agerbra Practice: Central Tendecy #2, Intergrated Algerbra Practice: A.S.5 #1.If anyone has the answer key please post the link.It would be highly appreciated.Whats the Deadline for FASFA App. for Spring Term In FL?
Im in college @ St.Petersburg College and currently in fall classes. Im trying to apply for The Spring Term im just wondering when i can fill out the FASFA worksheet and Info. to Apply. P.S. Im new at this don't laughI have a physics question about conservation of energy in a spring system ?
A 12.0 g bullet is fired horizontally into a 103 g wooden block that is initially at rest on a frictionless horizontal surface and connected to a spring having spring constant 150 N/m. The bullet becomes embedded in the block. If the bullet-block system compresses the spring by a maximum of 70.0 cm, what was the speed of the bullet at impact with the block? I seem to keep coming up with an answer of 78.26 m/s, which is indicated in my worksheet as incorrect Frustrating.

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